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Kizzy delivers our managerial and operational skills products, drawing on her extensive leadership experience to support the application of theory. With a Level 4 PTTLS, Internal Assessor Qualifications, ILM Level 7 Coaching & Mentoring and a whole host of other professional qualifications, it’s clear Kizzy loves learning! Just one of the many reasons she’s an exceptional coach at all levels from university students to senior leaders.


ted Education - Training programmes support teachers and school leaders at all levels – from new teachers through to trust CEOs.


  • 2018The Performance Coach
    Systemic Coaching
  • 2018The Performance Coach
    Coaching Supervision
  • 2015ILM
    ILM level 7 Executive Coaching


  • 2020ted Learning Limited
    Associate Trainer

    Delivering dramatically different, engaging and fun training!

  • 2017 - DateKizzy Harris Consultancy
    Leadership Coach & Trainer
  • Sept 2017 - DateCollege of Policing
    External Associate
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