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The Blessing Revealed?

Last week I wrote about a ‘thought for the day’ which had struck a chord with me, only a few days before the lockdown when all our lives were to suddenly change: There’s a Blessing in the Storm.

I talked about creating my two lists which help me to identify those things that positively and negatively affect my mood and thinking: Things That Make Me Feel Worse and Things That Make Me Feel Better, taking a leaf out of Matt Haig’s book, Reasons To Stay Alive.

This morning YouGov has published the results of a poll commissioned by the Royal Society of Arts to gauge the mood and thinking of the UK:

  • Only 9% of the 4,343 people who took part want life to return to ‘normal’ after the coronavirus outbreak is over.
  • 54% hope they will make some changes in their own lives and that nationally we will learn from the current crisis.
  • 42% have said they place greater value on food and other essentials.
  • 38% are cooking from scratch more.
  • 27% have noticed that there is more wildlife around and 51% have noticed the outside air feels cleaner.
  • Two-fifths believe there is a stronger sense of community since the start of the lockdown.
  • 9% of people have said that they are catching up more with friends and family.
  • Spending too much time with me.
  • Trying to think too far ahead.
  • Spending time ruminating about what has happened in the past and worrying about what might be coming in the future.
Our Emotional intelligence course is designed to provide an understanding of how emotion affects work performance, relationships in the workplace and the impact it can have on all employees.

The lead researcher, Professor Tom Macmillian, said; “This data shows there is a real appetite for change, and for the nation to learn from the crisis. People are trying new things and noticing differences, at home, in their work and in communities”.

“We must use this time to imagine a better future”.

What can we learn from what we are currently experiencing? Or as Julio Vincent Gambuto suggests in his recent article in Forge , will our need for comfort be so real, and it will be so strong, that we will be drawn back to what we know?

ted Education - Training programmes support teachers and school leaders at all levels – from new teachers through to trust CEOs.
Patrick Holtby

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