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What is Drama based learning?

What is Drama based learning?

At ted Education we use drama based learning to create something really special whether it’s in the classroom, virtual classroom or online.   We are all about differentiating learning from the norm and creating an experience.  Whatever someone’s preferred learning style, we work hard to ensure our approach appeals to them.

We use actors to bring learning to life and therefore appeal to the senses of see, hear and feel. This makes learning more long-lasting. Our actors are from a broad & diverse spectrum of talent, including much younger actors playing the roles of students, so that we can understand the experience from different perspectives. We also create scenarios that appeal to all educational roles so it’s not just teacher/lecturer centric.

Our training can be observational or participative, using our actors to bring learning to life.

We never do role-play. We offer observational training – this is where either our acting team demonstrate scenes related to the course or we use video content. Learners observe and comment on the behaviours or situations seen and how it made them feel and the learns are drawn from this.

For example, if the course is about Inclusion, Equality & Diversity we see scenes featuring ‘students’ engaging with each other or ‘student/teacher/support staff’ interaction and we observe and discuss what happened and how we might handle that same situation if we observed it.

Where an organisation is more confident working with actors, we take this to the next level with more participative training so learners get to practice their newly learnt skills with our actors – this isn’t role-play though as learners are only ever themselves and our actors play the other roles – we create safe and fully supportive spaces.

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Delivering long term results is important to ted Education, so that you see a real return on your investment. We recognise budget challenges and work with all of our clients to create an experience that delivers great value for money and is engaging.

We believe the best way to deliver this is through training that leaves a long-term effect on your employees, appealing to several senses. Not only will your teams SEE and HEAR, they will FEEL: leading to a real & meaningful experience in the classroom, virtual classroom or online learning.

Discussing and learning in the traditional ‘classroom’ is effective, but long-term memory is better stimulated by having an experience. Our approach using experiential and drama-based methods delivers this and leads to more sustained learning.

Our actors will demonstrate behaviours so your teams can understand the impact their own behaviours and newly learnt skills can have on others. ted Education uses a blend of approaches to deliver it’s training – face to face in the classroom using either live actor or video, virtual classroom with the same approach or online learning.

We have a blend of practical, discussion and theory-based approaches to ensure as educators we appeal to all learning styles and that everyone leaves with practical steps they can use back in their environment, wherever that is.

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At ted education we believe that learning should be fun, engaging and memorable. Here are some examples of our Theatre of Learning in action.

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